Our Story

The Observatory opened in February 2022. Charles Sturt University and Lockhart Shire Council are partners in the project. The Rock Regional Observatory is run by volunteers from The Rock Progress Association and amateur astronomers. Our aim is to provide a space that will provide a bright future and a place to inspire the public and young minds. The Rock Regional Observatory work hard to ensure its position as a scientific and education facility.

Our Goals

1. Provide public education services to advance the astronomical interest of the local community and beyond, through STEM programs, onsite and offsite tours and events. 2. Provide scientific, tourism, nature, and cultural experiences. 3. Document and conserve the scientific history of astronomy in The Rock. 4. Collaborate with other groups to conduct astronomical and space related scientific research using The Rock Regional Observatory facilities. 5. Maintain a friendly inclusive environment where volunteers can contribute existing skills and learn new ones. 6. Promote corporate and social responsibility through sustainable, environmentally conscious practices. In order to achieve our goals over the next decade we must be cognisant of the issues and trends that shape our thinking about the future. These topics include the happenings, trends and issues faced at an industry level by all organisations in the astronomy, astrophysics and space science domains. The issues include not only formal scientific and technological matters, but also encompass education, entertainment, tourism, citizen science, cultural - particularly Aboriginal cultural beliefs and practices in astronomy, and inter-generational aspects

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